“The Mountain Gorilla in 3 Dimensions” lecture as part of the art exhibit 
The Twilight of the Gorilla by Bob Ziering,

Marywood University, September 2008.

Bob Ziering’s portraits of gorillas are more than two-dimensional representations; they evoke thinking about a deeper dimension of gorillaexistence, including our emotional connection to them. We explore this multi-dimensionalunderstanding based on scientific discoveriesabout gorilla biology/social behavior as well asour personal experiences in the field, includinginteractions with individual gorilla personalities.
Marywood Univeristy News

"Deadbeat dad"
"Father knows best"
"Like father like son"
"Daddy's little princess"

Our culture has spun a host of colorful concepts around the father-child relationship, but do they hold up beyond our species? Dieter & Netzin Steklis, two researchers from the University of Arizonaexplore this question.

Drs. Lane and Steklis discussed how emotional awareness is a *skill* that requires effort to acquire, and seems to be uniquely human.  Emotional awareness evolved with self-aware consciousness and language to promote social accountability in human groups. Netzin Steklis lead a discussion how our present educational institutions should recognize the critical importance of teaching self-awareness (especially emotional awareness).  

​​Wild Minds LLC

University of Arizona 
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences 
Annual Luncheon 
March 2013 

Spirit of the Senses
salon presentation
Phoenix, AZ
November 2009

Michael Blake won on Oscar for his movie adaptation of his novel "Dances with Wolves." He is the author of "Twelve the King," a memorial based on the rescue of a captured wild horse stallion. He joined what by Deanne Stillman ( "Mustang: The Saga of the Wild Horse in the American West") and Edward de Steiguer ( "Wild Horses of the West") to discuss the plight of free-roaming horses.


Netzin G Steklis, moderator
Writers' Roundup: 
Exploring the Plight of 
America's Free-Roaming Horses
March 12, 2011