Paternal Behavior: A Comparative Approach

 Primate Behavior​​

HAIRI: Human-Animal Interaction Research Initiative

Currently our focus is on the function of PLAY

Objectives of this project:

  • Literature review
  • Video ethogram of gorilla paternal care (especially PLAY)
  • Larger study design

This research is funded by the University of Arizona's
John & Doris Norton Fathers, Parenting, and Families Initiative,
Frances McClelland Institute for Children, Youth, & Families
More information and updates can be found on the project website.

Animal Cognition: Implications for Animal Ethics

 Human-Animal Interrelationships

Equine Assisted Therapy Research Group

Human Nature

 Our purpose is to understand Human Nature by integrating  biological, behavioral, and social sciences through the  unifying principles of evolutionary theory.

​​Wild Minds LLC


Equine Assisted Therapy: Testing the Efficacy

Dian Fossey was keenly sensitive to animals, but not so tactful with her fellow humans. Can a person have high empathy for animals and low empathy for humans?

Could Fossey exemplify a new 
personality factor--Animality?

Our research is investigating this question. 
Check our 
project website.

Do gorillas, like humans, have a right to exist?

Our claim is that a species’ value or rights should at least partly be determined from our knowledge of the workings of its mind....  Read our article 

by Katherine Cudney

Seri Indians: Social Structure & Allocare