Current education aims to produce competitive players in a global marketplace. This leads to a world of unhappy drones, leading unexamined lives, working in a failing zero-sum global economic system.  Our aim is to provide a new educational framework with a very different goal: 

Individuals thriving 
in a globally sustainable way

“Primate Conservation Education Network: A Proposal” presentation at the International Primatological Society’s pre-congress Conservation Education Forum,
Edinburgh, Scotland  August 2008.

IPS 2008 Conservation Education Forum and PECAN

Guiding Philosophy

 Environmental Education

7 Literacies for Thriving in a Sustainable World

Wild About the Grasslands

 Higher Education​​

 Education Reform

Please see our conservation projects with youth
Range Riders
Geocaching Stewards


Outdoor Environmental Education Annual Summer Camps held every June

Empire Ranch / Las Cienegas National Conservation Area 
has become a field classroom for learning about grassland/riparian ecology and ranching heritage. 

Primate Conservation Education

Citizen Science

As professors we teach a variety of courses at the university level. Please see University Teaching for further details on the courses we teach.

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