-- Year of the Gorilla 2009  --  

Do gorillas, like humans, have a right to exist?

Our claim is that a species’ value or rights should at least partly be determined from our knowledge of the workings of its mind.... Read our article

Range Riders
Youth stewardship of public lands 
using backcountry horsemanship skills 

HAIRI: Human-Animal Interaction Research Initiative

Geocache Monitoring

Youth stewardship of public lands

Primate Conservation​

Citizen Science

“Evaluating Costs & Benefits of Long-Term Research for Conservation of Mountain Gorillas” presentation at the International Primatological Society,
Edinburgh, Scotland  August, 2008.  IPS 2008 Programme

Long-Term Gorilla Conservation Requires Long-Term Commitment

​​Wild Minds LLC


Cienega Watershed Partnership

The Value of Long-Term Research

 Arizona Grasslands Conservation​​

Facilitating cooperative actions that steward the natural and cultural resources of the Cienega Watershed while enabling sustainable human use

 Human-Animal Interrelationships

Animal Cognition: Implications for Animal Ethics