Human-Animal Connection​​

The Value of Long-Term Research

Long-Term Gorilla Conservation Requires Long-Term Commitment

Facilitating cooperative actions that steward the natural and cultural resources of the Cienega Watershed while enabling sustainable human use

Geocache Monitoring

Youth stewardship of public lands

Primate Conservation​


Do gorillas, like humans, have a right to exist?

Our claim is that a species’ value or rights should at least partly be determined from our knowledge of the workings of its mind.... Read our article

Citizen Science

“Evaluating Costs & Benefits of Long-Term Research for Conservation of Mountain Gorillas” presentation at the International Primatological Society,
Edinburgh, Scotland  August, 2008.  IPS 2008 Programme

HAIRI: Human-Animal Interaction Research Initiative

Range Riders
Youth stewardship of public lands 
using backcountry horsemanship skills 

Cienega Watershed Partnership

 Arizona Grasslands Conservation​​

​​Wild Minds LLC


Animal Cognition: Implications for Animal Ethics